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T-shirts for Women


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Taupe Striped T-shirt


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White Ruched T-shirt



Pink Colourblocked T-shirt


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White Graphic Print T-shirt


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Blue Striped T-shirt


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At VERO MODA, fashion is our passion, and we’re constantly striving to kick off the next big trend!

Our charming t-shirts for women are crafted to perfection, instantly adding a touch of panache to your everyday style.

Explore a range of white-collared t-shirts, knot crop t-shirts, oversized t-shirts, round neck t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, high neck t-shirts, and more on the VERO MODA online shopping website - the options are endless!

Buy Stylish T-Shirts for Women

An ideal fashion statement, the right t-shirt can elevate your style quotient to the next level. From classic to comfortable to graphic and printed pieces - we have t-shirts for every occasion.

Explore our vast collection of ladies' t-shirts on the VERO MODA online shopping website, and upgrade your wardrobe with the click of a button.

Get Artsy With Graphic Ladies’ T-Shirts

Flawlessly merging casual chic, a graphic t-shirt can instantly elevate your ensemble by adding just the right dose of spunk to it. Made with premium quality materials, these stylish t-shirts are perfect for brunch, a fancy date, or even a trip to the grocery store.

Explore Striking Solid T-Shirts for Women

No matter the occasion, ace your style game with perfectly stitched solid t-shirts from VERO MODA. Crafted with soft, breathable fabric, these garments are available in a range of striking colours and designs, creating the ultimate fashion statement when paired with the right accessories.

Shop Chic Striper T-Shirts for Women

Quintessential striped t-shirts featuring timeless stripes, extended shoulders, pull-up sleeves, and a spread collar are sure to keep you comfy and relaxed for hours on end. Throw on a pair of trendy skinny-fit jeans and sandals for a standout look!

Buy All-Over Printed Tees for Women

Be it a formal rendezvous or a night out in the town, chic printed t-shirts from VERO MODA will surely turn heads. Pair this piece with elegant trousers and pumps, and unleash your inner fashionista with the snap of a finger.

For us, fashionable t-shirts are a portal for girls and women everywhere to express their individuality!

High-Quality Fabric: Ladies' t-shirts crafted with cotton, rayon, viscose, and linen blends ensure uncompromised style, comfort, and breathability.

Reasonably priced: Our sophisticated t-shirts for women are available at various price points, ensuring something for everyone!

A Wide Range of Styles: Explore women's t-shirts for every occasion on the VERO MODA online shopping website today.


#1 - How Many Types of T-Shirts Are Available On VERO MODA?

Design-wise, VERO MODA’s t-shirts for girls can be divided into:

  • Graphic Tees
  • Solid Tees
  • Striper Tees
  • All-Over Printed Tees

On the other hand, different types of t-shirts for women under each category include:

  • White-Collared T-Shirts
  • Knot Crop T-Shirts
  • Oversized T-Shirts
  • Round Neck T-Shirts
  • V-Neck T-Shirts
  • High Neck T-Shirts

#2 - What Is the Main Difference Between a T-Shirt and a Top?

A ladies t-shirt is a classic, lightweight garment in the shape of a "T". It usually boasts a round neck and short sleeves, although several variations in neck cut, sleeve style, and fabric types exist.

On the other hand, tops for women are a more standard term used for any shirt or upper body fit. This includes t-shirts, knitted shirts, buttoned-up shirts, formal blouses, sweaters, and even lightweight outerwear.

#3 - What Is the Best Material for T-Shirts?

Some of the best t-shirt/top materials for girls include:

  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Viscose
  • Linen Blends

These fabrics boast a host of excellent properties. Besides being breathable and soft, they absorb ink better than other materials, thus ensuring the design on your shirt looks clearer and sharper.

#4 - How Do I Measure My T-Shirt Size?

To find your ideal top/t-shirt size, keep a measuring tape handy and observe the following steps:

  1. Measure your bust
  2. Measure your shoulders
  3. Measure the length of your waist and hips

Once done, carefully examine our measurement chart and discover your perfect fit:

Size (cms) XS S M L XL XXL
EU 34 36 38 40 42 44
Fit To Bust 81-84 86-89 91-94 97-102 105-109 112
Shoulders 35.5-38 38-41 41-42 42-43 43 44-46

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